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Here is what others have to say about Bridon Belfrey, RID...

“Belfrey is the next GREAT sire!!”
-Respected Equine Veterinarian, IDHSNA member and competitor

“THAT horse can JUMP!!”
-Respected Equine Veterinarian, IDHSNA member and breeder of top quality purebred Irish Draughts

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Selection Criteria

Preserving the Irish Draught breed is very important to us. Below is what we look for in our own stallions and mares to help ensure the Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport horses we produce are superior athletes and true to type.

Irish Draught Stallion Selection

Irish Draught Mare Selection

Bridon Belfrey, RID

Registered Irish Draught Stallion

Bridon Belfrey, RID


Sire: Snowford Bellman, RID
Dam: Flagmount Belle,
by Flagmount King, RID


Registered Irish Draught Stallion
Reg #MP0101163
2001 DNA Color Tested Black

16.2+ hands, 9 3/4 inches of bone


Irish Draught Stallion - Bridon Belfrey

BenMar’s Bridon Belfrey, RID flaunts traditional Irish Draught qualities and sleek, old world beauty.

This exciting young stallion passed his inspections at the 2005 Irish Draught Horse Society National Show and has fully earned his Registered Irish Draught Stallion status!

The judges cited Belfrey’s most remarkable qualities as “Presence and Athleticism”. View More Comments

Pure Irish Draught Stallion

The Irish Draught Horse is so rare that Purebred Irish Draught Stallion owners have a tremendous responsibility to preserve all that is great about the breed. His conformation, movement and athleticism along with how he is inspected, campaigned and promoted, all has direct and exponential influence over possible generation loss. This means that an incorrect stallion that is heavily promoted and chosen simply for low stud fees or geographic proximity can significantly detriment the quality of the breed itself for many future generations.

For this reason, we at BenMar Farm have been extremely careful with the choice of our Purebred Registered Irish Draught Stallion, BenMar’s Bridon Belfrey, RID. Belfrey is the complete package. He has arresting beauty, presence, conformation, athleticism, and rare black color.  Belfrey enchants with his exceptional temperament.  He is conformationally correct and specific to breed type.  Belfrey has dressage-type, up-hill movement that is always in perfect balance, rhythm and self-carriage.  Belfrey is synonymous with Presence and Athleticism.  BenMar’s Bridon Belfrey, RID promises to be an upper level performer, able to proudly represent our special breed.  Most importantly, Belfrey has proven to be a “very dominant sire” stamping his offspring with his great looks and athletic ability.

Irish Draught Ability

As demonstrated at the inspections, Belfrey is a gifted natural athlete and a powerhouse of a jumper demonstrating tremendous scope.  His elastic dressage-type movement is loaded with suspension, self-carriage and perfect rhythm and balance. As a foal, Belfrey enjoyed effortless tempi changes. He has correct conformation, straight limbs and ample bone that he passes on to his foals. Belfrey is by Snowford Bellman, RID out of Flagmount Belle, RID, by Flagmount King, RID.  Belfrey combines the highly desirable, less represented lines of Atlantic Boy, Tara, Laughton, and Rusheen Hero as well as the undeniably athletic King of Diamonds line.

Irish Draught Performance

Bridon Belfrey, RID, won Best North American Bred Champion and Champion Purebred Weanling at the 2001 IDHSNA National Show. He went on to help win the Best Get of Sire representing his Multi Champion and Multi Champion producing sire, Snowford Bellman, RID. Belfrey’s Dam, Flagmount Belle, RID, won numerous IDHSNA National Show classes and Championships.

All of her foals won National or Reserve Champion Foal. Due to Flagmount Belle’s untimely death, Belfrey’s pedigree can never be duplicated. He is one of a kind. Royally bred top and bottom, Belfrey is highly regarded internationally by judges, Top Irish Draught breeders and spectators alike for his great beauty, presence, athleticism, movement and kind, gentle nature.

Irish Draught Stallion - Bridon Belfrey

An enormous yearling, Belfrey took second place at the National Show with the judges citing he was too big to be a yearling! After the show was over, we asked the judges opinion about Belfrey’s quality; they both shook their heads and were speechless!!  Belfrey continued his winning streak by placing first in the Best Get of Sire class at the 2005 National Irish Draught Horse Show where he represented his sire, Snowford Bellman, RID.

As Irish Draughts take a long time to mature, we are taking care to bring Belfrey along slowly and steadily in his training.  Belfrey’s long term career goals include show jumping and dressage as well as promoting the Irish Draught Horse breed through exhibitions and stallion auctions that support various worthwhile causes. To further endear our wonderful Irish Draught Horse breed to the public, Belfrey will be extensively schooled in exhibition style performances. We are very excited about Belfrey’s potential and future careers!!

Irish Draught Temperament

Exceptional temperament is synonymous with the Irish Draught breed.  Belfrey is an ambassador for temperament!  He is a perfect gentlemen and he LOVES kids!  Our 13 year daughter gets frequent gentle kisses and hugs from Belfrey.  We often lead him around by the forelock with no halter or lead.  Belfrey’s willing attitude never ceases to amaze us.  One evening, our son entered his paddock and came around the barn where I was working.  I asked, “Did you, by chance, close that gate?”  His reply was, “uh….no.”  We both walked around to the front of the barn where we saw Belfrey walking through the gate.  From 100 ft. away I said, “Belfrey, Whoa.”  He stopped dead in his tracks half way through the gate.  Then I said, “Back, back.”  Belfrey BACKED UP THROUGH THE OPEN GATE and went on to graze IN his paddock!!!!  Now if that’s not temperament, NOTHING is!!!! Our not-easily-impressed teenage son was IMPRESSED!!!!

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Bridon Belfrey
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Reg #MP0101163

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